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Unicals C89/C99/C++ Preprocessor

Technically, there are a few unique features those make the preprocessor to be different:


The preprocessor is in true compliance with the ANSI/ISO/IEC 9899:1999 Standard (also known as C99) and ANSI/ISO/IEC 14882:1998 Standard (also known as C++98) which are current American National and International Standards of the C and C++ programming languages. Since the Embedded C and Embedded C++ Standards do not specify additional preprocessor features, it is possible to use the preprocessor with your current EC/EC++ compilers and stay in compliance with the normative papers.

The Unicals preprocessor is one of the most proper preprocessors in the industry of development tools. Totally everything required by the Standards is supported; there is no exception. Moreover, the preprocessor supports all known common extensions and features like #pragma once and inclusion tracing.


The preprocessor has well diagnostics: error and warning messages are clear and friendly. Besides that, numerous tips provide comprehensive information about safety and portability violations as well as usage constraints. Finally, our error recovering mechanisms work so different kinds of waste diagnostics are suppressed.

Internal limits

We believe that internal limits like identifier length limit and macro expansion depth limit are execrable, so there are no internal limits in the preprocessor. The only limit of the preprocessor is amount of memory on a user's host system.


The preprocessor is stable insomuch that we believe that it is absolutely uncrashable.

Source code

All our core sources are written in recursion-free strict ANSI C (C89), so it is definitely possible to build the preprocessor with development tools you use. Moreover, a host-dependent part of the code, target-platform specifics, and client implementation are segregated carefully, so you will able to get the preprocessor for any target platform, host environment and user interface you need. You will also able to build a multi-targeted preprocessor in a single executable file if it is required.


Once an NDA is signed, it is possible to get a complete source set of the preprocessor for evaluation purposes. Please e-mail us if you would like to move forward with this.

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